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Walking The Himalayas

Before I crossed the bustling, semi forested no mans land from Banbasa to the Nepalese border patrol office in Bhimdatta, I joined the masses of locals taking a dip in the Sharda Mahakali river. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon. It was nearly summertime. The fast flowing river felt deeply cleansing as it powered it’s way downstream. A fitting end to my four months in India.Ā Nepali/Indian borders are porous which means both nationalities come and go, seemingly, as they please. This made the remote far western crossing a busy trade hub for the locals on both sides.

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The M41 is a spectacular road. One of the best of the trip so far. This shot was taken on the decent from Ala-Bell pass, 3,175m climb between Bishkek and Osh. This guy is warning motorists about the flock of oncoming sheep. The minutes during this photograph were chaos. #kyrgyzstan #osh #bishkek #worldcycle #adventure #travel #bleatingroadblock #m41 #roadsoftheworld #onemanandhisflag

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