Bikes Change Lives

Today I have once again had the pleasure of visiting the inspirational tea fuelled power house that is re~cycle HQ over in Colchester UK. And what a day it was!

It was a great chance to catch up with the fantastic people who make it all happen! A crack team of volunteers arrived early this morning in abismal rain and wind to load a shipment of bikes set for Malawi. As you can see from the pictures they use every last inch of space.

Most of the bikes that are donated go straight to Africa, if a bike arrives and meets the standard then it is compacted by removing parts such as pedals and kick stands, then the handlebars are turned so they can be packed as tightly as possible. The bikes will then be rebuilt and serviced when they arrive in Africa by local people who re~cycle help to train and educate.

Some donated bikes are in a very poor condition but nothing goes to waste at re~cycle! Every nut, bolt, spoke and spindle is painstakingly salvaged and used as spares.

Some bikes such as modern racers and vintage collectors bikes are not suitable for the African market so these go to a separate workshop where they are serviced and sold locally, generating income to keep the charity afloat.

I was over the moon to see not a penny of our fundraising going to waste. It was also fantastic to hear that re~cycles plans for the future include strengthening their network of African partners and helping to meet the increased demand for shipments through setting up more collection depots. They deserve all the help they can get and we will certainly be behind them every step of the way!

Please give generously to Re~Cycle by clicking here

You can also now donate by text message (UK only). It’s quick and easy! Just text RBBR99 followed by the amount you want to donate (e.g. RBBR99£20) to 70070 and your donation will be added to your next phone bill.


Ade and Jim