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Last week I climbed Snowdon with my old man. We started out up the Llanberis path, the longest, easiest trail by dint of parking in Llanberis and not having much more of a plan than to start early and to get to the top. Dad spent half the time complaining it was too easy and that he wanted a more rugged, challenging terrain. Just about halfway Dad was content that this trail was actually challenge enough and was in fact more difficult than the Pyg trail that he’d climbed a few months earlier. After the summit and a sandwich we began our descent. “I fancy a go at that ridge” says the old bean. So we follow the path up on to Crib Goch. A couple of young lads scramble down smiling. “You going back this way? It’s a bit dicey… good luck!” Two and a half hours later we’re safely down at Pen-Y-Pass, congratulating each other on a great adventure. We’d certainly tested our mettle clambering over the two intense ridges of Crib Goch. Lesson: respect the mountain. Easy is a relative statement. #fathersonbonding #qualitytimeinnature #cribgoch #llanberispath #walkingwitholdbean #climbsnowdon #neverjudgeaclimbbyitswellmarkedpath #scrambledownthemountain #bigtimebouldering #exploresnowdonia #lovewales #respectthemountain #getoutdoors #easyisarelativestatement #enjoyeverymoment #blesstheweather

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The Energy Of Joy

I sat this morning for my usual hour of Vipassana meditation with a feeling of slight annoyance. I’d snoozed for an hour and that had started the cycle of mind chatter that says ‘you’re late!’. That fraction of a thought that says: ‘you have so much to do today; there’s the swim you’ve planned, the yoga you love, there’s work and then the gardening you said you’d do. And this! Sitting still doing nothing for a whole hour! This is INSANE!’ 

I sat with these thoughts, watching them rise up, taking a moment to really see them and to acknowledge them before allowing them to simply float away. In that moment I saw that there was no sense in spending the entire day in the cat-and-mouse of chasing endless to-do lists and tasks for the sake of it. Where was the sense in that?

What happened next was simply wonderful. The awareness that if there was to be any pleasure in this day then it was in the actions themselves, not in the tail-chasing-frustation of ‘achievement’, came to me with the clarity of a bright blue sky on a clear sunny morning. It was a beautiful moment. 

I rose from my daily practice with a spring in my step and a smile on my face and toddled off for a swim. Every stroke cut the water with precision and ease. I was a fish. You know what? I did the yoga too. Every breath drew deep into my body soothing the intensity of the stretch, pushing the muscles further into each posture. Every movement full of joy. 

There’s energy in joy. Whatever you do today, do it with joy – feel the energy flow through you and into the action – and breeze through the day with a sense of purpose. Forget about the clock and step into the NOW!

Thank you for your continued support. 

With all my metta xx

Croatia ?? not a bad spot for a bit of sunbathing. The coastal road, the Adriatic Highway(E65), is a stunning route. Easy navigation (keep the sea on your right), beautiful scenery and easy camping (a free standing tent will be advantageous ⛺️ on the flat rocky areas). The chance to swim each morning, lunch and evening was a big draw when choosing a route towards Istanbul. Having cycled a more northerly path previously, this choice was a happy one. #adriaticcoast #adriatichighway #easymiles #sunseacycling #adventure #getoutdoors #europebybike #rideoftenridefar #cyclecroatia #e65 #kickbackandrelax

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I loved cycling with this guy. Alan runs ultra-marathons. He taught me a lot about nutrition and refuelling on the bike. I shared with him the joy of cake and ice cream. We had a lot of fun racing along the Dalmatian Coast. Thank you, Alan, my brother. #racethedalmatian #cyclingcroatia #cakeandicecream #nutsandseeds #beardbrothers #biketravel #cyclebuddys #adventuretravel #rideoftenridefar

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The Austrian Alps ?? sometimes it snows… I met Kyle in Saltzburg through the @warmshowers cycling hospitality website. We decided to ride together for a while. We came up through these snowy mountains after days of heavy rain in Bavaria. At a couple thousand metres altitude Obertraun was the first of three back to back climbs to put us into Slovenia ?? #threeyearsagotoday #saturdaysarefortheboys #snowcycling #biketravel #europebybike #austria #adventuretravel #rideoftenridefar #getoutdoors

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Two years ago today I was having a delicious lunch with these lovelies… I’d just left Kathmandu by air because of the difficulty in obtaining a visa for Pakistan in India. I’d arrived in Almaty to a completely new environment – vastly different – to the chaos of Nepal and India. Kazakhstan was a whole new place in every way. The roads were massive, wide paved and organised in a grid system (a bit like USA). The food was quite a change too. From dhaal baat to manty in one sweet move. In this photo I’m traveling from Almaty towards Bishkek. I’d pulled up for a bite to eat and crossed path with these ladies that lunch. We shared some epic pantomime and I put to good use my newly inked magic letter. A beautiful moment and a very warm welcome to Central Asia. This day is my sister birthday too – happy birthday sis! #happybirthdaytoluce #almaty_insta #biketravel #womenofcentralasia #mantyforlunch #mantyforsupper #mantyforlife #mymainmanty #kazakhstanbybike #throwbackthursday #tbt #rideoftenridefar #freerideonthefreedomhighway

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Three years ago today… cycling along the Neckar River in Germany ?? This is somewhere near to Heidelberg. I was just starting out on my little bike trip, full of excitement and anticipation. It was a really magical feeling to be out on the road with so much adventure ahead of me… This is a beautiful part of the world to ride a bike. Easy to visit from most places in Europe, lots of excellent cycling infrastructure and a fine river to swim in at the end of a long day. The next day after this was Fathers Day and some guys driving a tractor and trailer on some kind of booze cruise gifted me a beer and a bottle of wine. Typical of German hospitality for bike travellers. Splendid days. If you look closely at the bike, there’s a first edition @cycletourfest water bottle hitching a ride #biketravel #neckarriver #heidelberg #germany #adventure #travel #dankeschon #threeyearsago #whatatrip #startingout #reallybigbikeride #worldcycle #tbt #throwbackthursday

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