Last week I climbed Snowdon with my old man. We started out up the Llanberis path, the longest, easiest trail by dint of parking in Llanberis and not having much more of a plan than to start early and to get to the top. Dad spent half the time complaining it was too easy and that he wanted a more rugged, challenging terrain. Just about halfway Dad was content that this trail was actually challenge enough and was in fact more difficult than the Pyg trail that he’d climbed a few months earlier. After the summit and a sandwich we began our descent. “I fancy a go at that ridge” says the old bean. So we follow the path up on to Crib Goch. A couple of young lads scramble down smiling. “You going back this way? It’s a bit dicey… good luck!” Two and a half hours later we’re safely down at Pen-Y-Pass, congratulating each other on a great adventure. We’d certainly tested our mettle clambering over the two intense ridges of Crib Goch. Lesson: respect the mountain. Easy is a relative statement. #fathersonbonding #qualitytimeinnature #cribgoch #llanberispath #walkingwitholdbean #climbsnowdon #neverjudgeaclimbbyitswellmarkedpath #scrambledownthemountain #bigtimebouldering #exploresnowdonia #lovewales #respectthemountain #getoutdoors #easyisarelativestatement #enjoyeverymoment #blesstheweather

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