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That quintessentially English thing of putting a post box on the middle class of nowhere. This is an old one from the days of Queen Victoria, the VR insignia still bold as day, at Leary a hundred years old.an enduring legacy of pioneering times, when ideas were dreamt up on a grand scale and built to last. I love the English countryside in summer. It’s really marvellous and lush and green and fabulous. Excellent day for a ride. #getatit #dayridesforjimlad #sundaybrunchspin #countrylanes #cycling

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This old thing has done the equivalent of a lap around the world over the last five years. A couple sets of wheels, a few dozen tyres, handful of group sets and the odd weld. Still going strong. When choosing a bike a steel frame and hand-built wheels essential, the rest is preference. Exploring the world by bike has let me meet interesting people, visit unusual places and see things from a unique perspective. I’d recommend it. Happy cycling. #adventure #travel #cannockchase #exploretheworldbybike #getoutdoors #biketravel #cycling #rainbowsparklepony

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A couple weeks ago I gave my first talk here at Alton Castle. The talk was to a splendid group of year 11 students from The Cardinal Griffin school in Cannock as part of their activity day with the Youth Ministry. I presented on the theme of ‘adventure as a gift’. I absolutely loved it and I think the students did too. #inspirationalstories #motivationalspeaking #schools #adventure #travel #successmindset

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