Three years ago today… cycling along the Neckar River in Germany ?? This is somewhere near to Heidelberg. I was just starting out on my little bike trip, full of excitement and anticipation. It was a really magical feeling to be out on the road with so much adventure ahead of me… This is a beautiful part of the world to ride a bike. Easy to visit from most places in Europe, lots of excellent cycling infrastructure and a fine river to swim in at the end of a long day. The next day after this was Fathers Day and some guys driving a tractor and trailer on some kind of booze cruise gifted me a beer and a bottle of wine. Typical of German hospitality for bike travellers. Splendid days. If you look closely at the bike, there’s a first edition @cycletourfest water bottle hitching a ride #biketravel #neckarriver #heidelberg #germany #adventure #travel #dankeschon #threeyearsago #whatatrip #startingout #reallybigbikeride #worldcycle #tbt #throwbackthursday

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