Monthly Archives: July 2011

A Really Big Night Ride – The Dunwich Dynamo

No training program would be complete without a 120 mile night ride would it?! Well that’s what we thought anyway. We seem to have made it our intention to to ride in the most unpleasant conditions we can think of in preparation for the Really Big Bike Ride. We’ve done raging headwinds, torrential rain, heavy traffic and killer climbs so it seemed only natural to progress with some good old fashioned darkness and sleep deprivation. With this in mind we rolled up at the Pub on The Park in Hackney, London at half past 8PM to join the masses for the 19th annual Dunwich Dynamo! Continue reading

Come and pedal with us!

It’s not long now until we’ll be saddling up for the biggest adventure ever known to mankind so naturally we want to share it with our friends in any way we can. We have had loads of people asking us how, where and when we will be setting off and if we’re having some sort of gathering to mark this great moment. Continue reading