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bike touring in vietnam

Bike Touring 101: Cycle Touring Vs Bikepacking

A Chancers Guide To Successful Bike Touring Anywhere In The World (On Any Style Of Bicycle)

Over the years I’ve enjoyed bike touring in more than forty countries. In the beginning, I started small. Local bike tours were my bread and butter. Gradually, I learned enough about bike travel to take off on a solo unsupported around the world cycle touring adventure.

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Brooks B17 Saddle – The Best Bicycle Touring Saddle Ever Made?

The iconic Brooks B17 Saddle is a popular choice with long-distance bicycle tourists. I’ve used a Brooks B17 for more than a decade over thousands of kilometres. Here’s everything you need to know about buying the perfect touring saddle.

When I first started out bicycle touring I bought a second-hand Dawes Galaxy. Most Galaxies are fitted with a Brooks B17 saddle as standard. However, the classic leather bicycle saddle had been replaced.

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