Camp Cooking Tips For Long-Distance Bicycle Touring

How To Feed Yourself On The Road And Why Cooking Is Overrated I’ve compiled these camp cooking tips for long-distance bicycle touring over a decade of bike-based adventures. I’m sharing these suggestions for camp cooking ideas in the spirit of making your next adventure as tasty as it can be. I’ve learned many tough lessons … Read more

My Bootstrapped Bicycle Touring Philosophy

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How To Cycle The World On $10 A Day Or Less Want to quench your thirst for adventure without breaking the bank? Look no further than bootstrapped bicycle touring! With just $10 a day, you can pedal your way through diverse landscapes, experience vibrant cultures, and create lifelong memories. Embarking on a budget-friendly cycling journey … Read more

Adventure Cycling in Goa: A Local Bike Travellers Guide

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Journey By Bicycle Through Uncharted Lands Around India’s Sunshine State Imagine pedalling through a kaleidoscope of colours, where every turn unfolds a new vista – welcome to adventure cycling in Goa! Away from the usual tourist tracks, the Goan landscape hides secrets only accessible to those on two wheels. As an expat of five years, … Read more

Touring the Basque Country on My Second-Hand Dawes Super Galaxy 531

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Road Testing my Dawes Super Galaxy 531 in the mighty Pyrenees Mountains In this article, I’ll share the ride I used to road-test my second-hand Dawes Super Galaxy 531. As a follow-up and support to my other articles on the topic, Why I Love My Dawes Galaxy, which is about my current 853 Reynolds touring … Read more

Is A Steel Touring Bicycle The Best Choice For A RTW Bike Trip?

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Steel Touring Bicycle For Any Long Distance Adventure As a veteran tourer, I’m a strong advocate for a steel touring bicycle for any long-distance bike trip. In my experience, a steel frame for your touring bike is the gold standard for reasons of strength, practicality and value for … Read more

Bicycle Touring Blogs That You Really Should Know By Now

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My Top 10 Bicycle Touring Blogs to Inspire Your Next Bike Trip Are you itching to hop on your bike and embark on an epic adventure? Look no further! I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 bicycle touring blogs that will inspire and ignite your wanderlust. These blogs are packed with captivating stories, breathtaking … Read more