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Empathy vs Sympathy 

Empathy says ‘I feel you, we’re the same’.
Sympathy says ‘I understand what you’re feeling but that’s separate from me’.
Sympathy invites pity.
Sympathy leads to imbalance; an attitude of superior position that says, ‘I’m OK, you’re not OK. You have a problem, I don’t’.
Empathy invites acceptance.
Empathy means equality; empathy says, ‘I get it. We’re the same. Let’s share that problem and work through it’.
Empathy shows up, hugs and spends time.
Sympathy sends a card.

Meet Hari

Today, we named the bike. Hari was chosen because; it’s our pops middle name, we love Harry Enfield and we’re in India…

Hari Krishna, Hari Rama, Hari Om.

So, meet Hari.

In the distance is the stunning Triund range, about a days trek from McLeod Ganj.

You can follow Hari’s adventures on Instagram @HariOmEnfield.