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The Cycle Touring Festival at Waddow Hall in Clitheroe

10 Things to Know About the Cycle Touring Festival

A Gathering of Cycling Enthusiasts

The Cycle Touring Festival is the go-to event in the UK for cycle tourists. A vibrant gathering of like-minded individuals who share a passion for adventure and exploration on two wheels.

Diverse experiences and hard-earned insights are shared among cyclists from all walks of life. Adventurers coming together to celebrate the art of cycle touring.

A Haven for Adventure Seekers

Immerse yourself in a world where adventure knows no bounds. From gripping tales of global expeditions to practical tips on planning the perfect cycle tour. 

As a result, the festival offers a plethora of resources for seasoned cyclists. Plus inspiration for aspiring adventurers.

A Platform for Knowledge Sharing

One of the festival’s highlights is its emphasis on knowledge sharing and community building. Attendees have the opportunity to learn from experienced cyclists, industry experts, and fellow travellers. 

Wonderfully, this generosity of spirit fosters a supportive environment. One that encourages camaraderie and the exchange of invaluable insights and advice.

Workshops and Interactive Sessions

The festival’s itinerary is packed with engaging workshops and interactive sessions that cover a wide range of topics. Helpfully, past talks include gear maintenance, route planning, and the art of mindful cycling.

Usefully, these sessions offer practical guidance and hands-on learning experiences. Particularly, the information is tailored to both novice and seasoned cycle tourists.

Cultural Experiences and Global Perspectives

The festival celebrates cultural diversity and global perspectives. A global showcase of the rich tapestry of experiences and insights from cyclists who have traversed continents.

Seasoned veterans who immersed themselves in the vibrant cultures and landscapes of the world. Attendees are treated to a kaleidoscope of narratives that capture the essence of the global cycling community.

Networking and Community Building

Beyond the workshops and seminars, the festival serves as a networking hub. Where attendees can forge meaningful connections with fellow cyclists and industry professionals.

It’s a space where friendships are forged and collaborations are born. The spirit of camaraderie flourishes among kindred spirits with a shared love for adventure and cycling.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Practices

The festival is committed to promoting sustainable and eco-friendly practices within the cycling community. From discussions on eco-conscious travel to showcasing environmentally friendly gear and initiatives. 

Generally, the festival advocates for responsible tourism and a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

Camping and Outdoor Activities

Embrace the joy of outdoor living and camping at the festival. Attendees can immerse themselves in the serenity of nature and the convivial atmosphere of communal camping.

From bonfire storytelling sessions to stargazing and nature walks. Significantly, the festival offers a plethora of outdoor activities that foster a deeper connection with the natural environment.

Inspiration and Empowerment

Above all, the Cycle Touring Festival is a celebration of inspiration and empowerment. It encourages attendees to embrace the spirit of adventure. To push the boundaries of exploration, and discover the transformative power of cycle touring.

It’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.  The Cycle Touring Festival speaks to the endless possibilities that unfold when one embarks on a journey fueled by passion and a thirst for discovery.

Cycle Touring Festival 2017

The Cycle Touring Festival in 2017 was something of a homecoming. In 2015 I set off on my most recent journey. My first big solo trip: UK – Vietnam – UK.

There was a beautiful symmetry to the 2017 event. I was there to give a talk about my experiences from the last two years on the road.

I gave two talks; one about cycle touring in Burma, India and Nepal and the second talk titled The Consciousness Cycle, is about the life-affirming effect of long-distance bike travel.

Visit the Cycle Touring Festival to learn more about adventurous journeys by bike at home and abroad

The Cycle Touring Festival is held at Waddow Hall in Clitheroe, Lancashire. It is a beautiful old building on the banks of the River Ribble, mainly used for Girl Guiding Groups.

Camping on-site is included in your ticket. If you would prefer not to rough it, you have the option to upgrade your ticket to comfortable B&B accommodation.

Beer, bicycles and banter

There is a reasonably-priced bar on site and we are a short walk or cycle into Clitheroe, where there are plenty of cafes, pubs and supermarkets if you forget anything.

You can buy tickets here.

If you’re on the fence and wondering what it’s all about, read my thoughts on the weekend as a newbie at the event in 2015 below.

I would love to see you there!

Safe roads.

The Cycle Touring Festival 2015.

The first-ever Cycle Touring Festival took place at Waddow Hall in Clitheroe, Lancashire on May 1 – 3.
Organised by Laura Moss, with a bit of help from husband Tim, the event was designed to celebrate all things cycle touring.

During the weekend there were talks by recently returned cyclists such as the lovely Pikes on Bikes who specialise in Peru and the Puna in South America.

Additionally, there were various workshops with Q&A sessions including my particular fave Yoga for Cyclists. The itinerary leaves room for plenty of tea and cake. And set in a beautiful part of Lancashire.

Sold out!

Tickets sold out which meant that there were just over 200 cycle tourists in attendance – a lot of lovely people come together to share their stories, offer advice and even go out for a ride…

The opportunity to ask questions about the places I intended to visit was reassuring. I would leave the CTF 2015 to pedal East on my first solo adventure.

My visit was a useful last chance to learn all the latest information from the road ahead. A direct download from those with fresh perspectives from recently completed cycle tours.

Tom Allen hosted a useful talk about the Middle East.

Neil and Harriet Pike co-hosted a panel on South America with William Fulford-Jones and Ruth Jarvis which was a very interesting and detailed summary of the possibilities for that continent.

The extreme conditions session was valuable insofar as I can now confirm that I’ll be avoiding places of extreme cold. Props to Helen Lloyd for her amazing expeditions.

Lord of the Rides

On this visit, I was fortunate enough to meet Stephen Lord over lunch. Stephen wrote the original Adventure Cycle Touring Handbook and has a wealth of experience.

A great guy and I feel like we’re on a similar wavelength.

Stephen and I invested a few minutes with a young guy called Tim. Chiefly, we offered advice on when/how/what his first tour could be.

Consequently, the lad was positively bursting with energy and enthusiasm for the road. I understood his urgency and I look forward to hearing what he decides to do.

Of the evening talks I particularly enjoyed that Emily Chappell.  Her selection of photographs features her vast array of bikes in exotic locations. Emily tells a great anecdote. I encourage you to seek her out.

Finally, the evening concluded with an open mike section. A chance for guests to tell a story in a 3-minute timed slot. Thus, I jumped at the chance to speak and chose a condensed version of this glorious anecdote.

Fully loaded

At length, Laura thanked everyone who had helped with the logistics.

Generously, the delicious homemade cake was given to those leaving the festival for a trip. I loaded up with the best muffins in Lancashire. Gifted by the team as sustenance for the road ahead. Thank you, Laura – they got me to Hull!

Happily, a few stranglers ventured into the town for a few beers and a curry. It was a marvellous way to end a super weekend.

Thanks, Ben, Barry, Lucy, Catherine and Kyle for sharing that final meal, it was a joy. To find out more about the Cycle Touring Festival, click here or visit this page to join the group.