As with all great adventures the exact path of the journey is something that will remain unknown at first. That’s one of the reasons why cycling expeditions are such an exciting and dynamic way to travel.  As our route unfolds we’ll be uploading our routes to the web site so you can keep track on our progress, obviously with a challenge of this scale it helps if you’ve got a rough idea of where you want to end up so hear is a little taster of what’s in store…

Stage 1

England (East Midlands) – ferry – Netherlands (South) – Belgium (East) – Luxembourg – France (Lorraine, Alsace)

Stage 2

Germany (Black Forrest) – Switzerland (North) – Liechtenstein – Austria (West) – Germany (Bavaria)

Stage 3

Czech Republic (South West) – Austria (North) – Slovakia (Bratislava) – Hungary (Budapest, Puszta)

Stage 4


Stage 5

Bulgaria (West) – Greece (Macedonia)

Stage 6

Republic of Macedonia – Albania (North)

Stage 7

Montenegro (coast) – Bosnia (South) – Croatia (Dalmatian coast) – Slovenia


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    1. James Post author

      Thanks Michael, we’re pretty excited about the route, its taken time to put together, so we’re looking forward to getting out there. We will be taking tech with us, hopefully updating the site at least weekly. Certainly we’ll be Tweeting on a daily basis, mobile signal permitting! Thanks for the follow.

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