James is an engaging and enthusiastic speaker and would be perfect for schools seeking an inspirational message for students of all ages.

James draws on a decade of cycling challenges to deliver an inspiring message about living adventurously and learning to navigate the world with balance and equanimity.

James began presenting in schools to inspire young people to explore the world, challenge themselves and see things from a different perspective. The talk is engaging, inspiring and unique.

The talk is titled ‘The Consciousness Cycle’ and draws on themes from his experience such as the determination to succeed, courage in the face of adversity and compassion for others. The key takeaway from the talk is a simple breathing technique to help students to become calm, compassionate and confident in their daily lives.

The learning outcomes include;
Overcoming adversity
Goal setting and achievement
Breathing for success
Managing stress and anxiety
Three-point daily mindfulness tool kit
Dreamlining and living a meaningful life

“James gave a wonderfully engaging and inspiring talk to our year 11’s. They loved it. It’s original, unique and gave our students a fresh perspective for success.”
Miss Malpass, Teacher, Cardinal Griffin.

To book James for a talk, please call 07419 771 387 or send an email

The logistics

All I require on the day is a computer with PowerPoint and a remote if you have one, a projector, and audio.

I am also happy to speak for free at schools without a budget to pay visiting speakers if I’m in the area, and I’m always keen to speak at schools for disadvantaged children, young offenders and youth groups.