Is A Brooks Leather Saddle The Best For RTW Bike Travel?

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Brooks Leather Saddles: A Century of Unrivaled Craftsmanship and Comfort This post explores the legacy of Brooks leather saddles, their varied offerings, and why they remain the saddle of choice for discerning cyclists worldwide. In the realm of bicycle touring, few names resonate with the heritage and prestige of Brooks England. For over a century, … Read more

Brooks B17 Saddle – The Best Bicycle Touring Saddle Ever Made?

Is the Brooks B17 the best bicycle touring saddle ever made?

The iconic Brooks B17 Saddle is a popular choice with long-distance bicycle tourists. I’ve used a Brooks B17 for more than a decade over thousands of kilometres. Here’s everything you need to know about buying the best bicycle touring saddle for your trip.

When I first started out bicycle touring I bought a second-hand Dawes Galaxy. Most Galaxies are fitted with a Brooks B17 saddle as standard. However, the classic leather bicycle saddle had been replaced.

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