The Dunwich Dynamo: A Rewarding Night Out

This weekend I did the Dun Run for the second time (AJ was busy celebrating his 1st birthday). As always it was a fun yet challenging ride with over 1,500 other like minded cyclists. Just the ticket for a hot Saturday night in July.

One of the things that I really love about the Dunwich Dynamo is the camaraderie, the ‘we’re in this together attitude’ and the sheer thrill of riding a decent distance through the night. You never quite know what you’ll see on the road; hand painted signs encouraging groups along the way, bacon butties in the early hours towards the final 30 miles for those needing fuel and the occasional rider at the side of the road with a flat tyre.

In these circumstances most cyclists would offer assistance of some kind, we all would right? I did that very thing on Saturday night and thought no more of it. What’s a spare tube on a ride like that? Well, in some situations it makes all the difference. Not wanting to blow my own trumpet, really just to share these exceptionally kind words from Debbie & Jane. Thanks to you both for your very generous donation to Re~Cycle. Hope you see you on the Dunwich again next year. x


Dear James

Thank you so much for your generosity in the early hours of Sunday morning when you gave me an inner tube. We exhausted our three spares in one go when I hit a horrible pothole just outside of Epping – two punctures and then a snapped valve left us with no repairable spares when I hit a second pothole much later. Your kindness made all the difference to me being able to continue the ride and finish. I would certainly have had to retire had you not passed us at that moment.

Thankfully we had no further dramas, apart from a 7mile detour when we took a wrong turn. We finished on the beach at 10am. The second half of our ride was much more enjoyable. Your spirit and relaxed manner inspired us along the way and we were very pleased to see you regularly throughout the event.

As promised I have made a donation this morning to Re-Cycle for £20 in your name to mark your kindness.

We hope you had a good journey home. When we realised there were so many people at Darsham waiting to get onto a 2 carriage train we opted to head in the other direction. We ended up travelling to Lowestoft and then to Norwich, where we got the train to London and were re-joined by all the riders at Ipswich, who had either ridden the extra mileage or had taken cabs.

Your name will always feature in the stories of our DD experience. We learnt so much from the event and may give it another go next year.

With best wishes
Debbie & Francis

Hi James

Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for helping my friend out on the Dun Run – the tube was a life saver 🙂 Your friendliness and generosity made the difference between us all finishing and bailing out!

I love the website, sounds amazing (and some great pics) – very inspiring, its a great attitude to life!

Have made a donation – tube for a donation seems like a good deal…

Happy cycling 😉