The Dunwich Dynamo: The Original Microadventure

The Dunwich Dynamo, the dun run, the French might call it ‘the beautiful madness’. Whatever you call it, the dun-run is a whole lot of adventure packed in to a single night. This year, my third, we (Fabian and I) got a group of newbies together to tackle the 120 mile night ride to the coast. A motley crew of mainly girlfriends, friends and a German intern called Silvan.

Starting out; Lydia and Richie lead the pack through Springfield Park

We met at 7.30pm at London Fields, next to the Pub on the Park, with 100’s of other like minded people, united with a single aim – ride 196km through the night to the lost city of Dunwich on the Suffolk Coast. We’ve talked before on this blog about the great spirit and camaraderie of the Dun Run, and it was a fantastic feeling when at the start of the evening, Debbie & Francis from DD2013 came over to say hello. This year the favour was returned, thanks Dan & Justin for fixing Rosie’s puncture in the early hours of Sunday morning.

A big bike for a big ride

Starting out pedalling up through East London towards Epping Forest, we encountered the chap in the shot above – a custom build for certain! Around 21 miles in we stopped, as is tradition, around 10pm at the White Hart in Moreton for a swift pint and a fistful of cashews. This year the pub was even busier than usual with crowds filling the sleepy village streets.

A cheeky half at the White Hart

The feeding station for the ride at the halfway mark – Sible Hedingham Village Hall -is a welcome break, a chance to rest tired legs, fill up on pasta, sandwiches and coffee and a chance to share stories of the journey so far with fellow riders. We took a different tack this year, we were lucky enough to have been invited by our friend, the lovely Vita, to share a giant pot of a coffee and bacon rolls at her house in Sible Hedingham. What a treat! Thank you Vita for a welcoming & revitalising pit stop. The extra sandwiches we took with us really raised our spirits at 6am in the pouring rain.

A welcome break at Vita’s house, coffee and bacon rolls to keep us rolling!

Still with 50 miles to go the heavens opened. The rain was heavy and unrelenting. We had to stop. Happily we found this garage forecourt more than accommodating and pulled in to wait out the storm. Luckier still, Fabian had the same idea and whipped out the stove to brew up a fresh pot of coffee to share with our new friends under the shelter of the garage forecourt. A sure fire way to make friends & boost moral! Good work Fabi.

Hot coffee for cold cyclists – the rain was just too much too bear at 6am

This event is like no other, it’s a challenge that invites you to push yourself in many ways, regardless of ability. Whether you’re a veteran keen to help others discover ‘the beautiful madness’, a newbie looking to test your endurance or a club rider training to shave a few minutes off your PB – there is something for everyone. Even Bertie!

Go Bertie! This guy gets a thumbs up form Rosie

This is why I think that the Dunwich Dynamo is the original microadventure: it’s challenging, it’s a total break out from the norm and it’s free. You’ll make new friends, you get to swim in the sea and there’s a café on the beach so you get a good breakfast at the end (or fish n chips if you take your time). Until next year… #dunrun2015

Taking a dip – a refreshing end to the nights ride