Decathlon Elops E-bike 120E Road Test & Review

Easy E-Biking with Decathlon ELOPS 120E: Real-World Practicality and Fun

The Decathlon Elops e-bike 120E – an affordable yet efficient electric bike for your city commuting needs.

Priced at a budget-friendly 899 pounds, this model is tailored for urban riding and comes with a host of features to make your daily commute easy and more enjoyable.

In this comprehensive Elops e-bike test and review, we’ll delve into the details of the Decathlon Elops 120E and explore its key features and performance.

decathlon elops e bike road test review

Decathlon Elops e-bike Review

Table of Contents:

  • Decathlon e-bike Test – Electric Bicycles for Everyone
  • Unpretentious Design and Essential Equipment
  • A Pleasant Ride but Not Always Natural
  • Autonomy Could Be Better
  • Price and Availability of Decathlon Elops 120E
  • Decathlon Elops 120E Datasheet
  • Final Test Score: 8/10

decathlon elops e-bike handlebars and controls

Decathlon e-bike Test

Decathlon, a renowned French sports equipment brand, has made its mark in the electric bike market with a range of offerings designed to cater to different user needs.

Their electric bike catalogue spans from affordable options like the Elops 120E to higher-end models.

The aim is to provide electric bikes that appeal to a wide range of riders and maximize accessibility.

decathlon elops e-bike close up of frame

Unpretentious Design and Essential Equipment

The Elops 120E embodies simplicity and practicality, all while keeping the price tag in check.

The design emphasizes function over frills, ensuring that all essential components are in place without unnecessary extravagance.

The battery placement above the rear rack signifies its entry-level nature and city-oriented purpose.

The frame is constructed using robust steel, chosen for its natural flexibility in absorbing road vibrations.

While the welds between frame parts are visible, Decathlon’s efforts to smooth them out are commendable.

The inclusion of key accessories like mudguards, chain guard, kickstand, and a luggage rack adds to the bike’s utility.

decathlon elops e-bike road test in Mallorca

A Pleasant Ride but Not Always Natural

The Decathlon Elops e-bike 120E delivers a comfortable and enjoyable ride within urban environments.

Its upright posture and practical frame design make it suitable for easy mounting and dismounting, irrespective of attire.

However, its slim build can pose challenges in narrow passages, making it a better fit for cities with well-developed cycling infrastructure.

The pedal rotation sensor used in this model, while functional, might not provide the most intuitive riding experience.

There’s a slight delay in power delivery compared to torque sensors, which could affect maneuverability in certain situations.

The available riding modes offer flexibility, but the sensor’s behavior might take some getting used to.

decathlon elops e-bike with polisport baby seat

Autonomy Could Be Better

One of the few areas where the Elops 120E falls short is its autonomy.

With an advertised range of 30 kilometers on the highest assistance level and 60 kilometers on the lightest mode, it might necessitate frequent recharges for daily commuters.

This limitation might be particularly noticeable if you’re using the bike for longer rides or continuous commutes.

decathlon elops e-bike with 36V detachable battery

Price and Availability of Decathlon Elops E-bike 120E

The Elops 120E is conveniently available on Decathlon’s official website at an attractive price point of 799 euros.

Decathlon provides a lifetime guarantee for the frame and fork, plus a two-year warranty for other components under normal usage conditions.

decathlon elops e-bike with 6 speed transmission

Elops 120e Review – Final Test Score: 8/10

The Decathlon Elops 120E stands as a compelling choice for urban riders seeking an affordable electric bike with decent features and performance.

Its straightforward design, adequate comfort, and essential accessories make it a practical option for daily commuting.

However, the choice of a pedal rotation sensor and limited autonomy are points to consider before making your decision.

In conclusion, this Decathlon Elops e-bike serves its purpose well as a value-packed entry-level electric bike.

While it might not excel in every aspect, it strikes a balance between price and functionality, making it a worthy contender for those looking to embrace electric biking without breaking the bank.

If you’re a city cyclist looking for a reliable budget e-bike, this might just be your best bet.

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