About James

Hi, I’m James! I’m an adventure cycling maverick from the UK.

I started this blog as a way to share the tips, trips and updates from my bicycle adventures around the world.

I’ve always loved riding bikes. From the hand me down Raliegh Grifter that I loved as a child to the brand new Dawes Ultra Galaxy that whisked me around the world.

A love of bike travel

Exploring the world by bike has given me some of my most cherished memories. Meeting new people, experiencing interesting places and seeing the world from a different perspective are just a few of the things I love about bike travel.

Bike travel has afforded me experiences that would otherwise be beyond reach, not least because by bicycle, we see the places in between the destinations.

This blog is a place for me to share my stories from the road, favourite cycling routes, bike adventure kit reviews, practical bicycle touring advice and philosophical musings on the art of adventure travel. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then we’re in good company.


Why see the world by bicycle?

My first adventurous rides were interesting little skirmishes around the Staffordshire countryside with my childhood friends, Gus and Mark. Usually, these bike trips ended with the three of us scoffing biscuits and necking fizzy pop.

Later, as a teenager, I found that bicycles could be used for longer distances. I often cycled to house parties many miles away for a weekend of frivolous teenage fun.

Even during the hedonistic years of University, I managed to maintain a daily cycle into campus, mooching about on my old steel-framed Peugeot City Express.

It was an invitation to cycle the Coast to Coast with a group of friends that ignited my passion for cycle touring. We traversed the knotty hills of Lakes, Dales and Moors, tracing the vague whispers of Alfred Wainwright.

A Grand Tour

Towards the back end of my twenties, I hatched a plan with my cycle-wifey, Adrian, to make a bike tour of Europe. Our self-made charity challenge, 20 countries in 100 days, was born.

It was this trip that made me realise that I wanted to see more of the world and that I would do it by bicycle.

Eurasia by bike

Over the years, I’ve cycled in over 40 countries, learning first-hand about the custom, culture and traditions of the people I’ve met along the way.

From the intense cultural diversity of continental Europe to the remote high mountains of north Vietnam, I’ve seen how culture shapes nations around the world.

My solo bike journey from Vietnam to the UK (sort of) was a beautiful madness full of intrigue, romance and revelation.

It set the stage for the next chapter of my life as a freelance and nomadic maverick roaming the world like a cycling monk.

dalby forest mountain bike centre

The next chapter

Since returning from my solo long-distance bicycle tour I’ve been something of an itinerant, jobbing writer. I spend my days between North Goa and the UK, living lean, seeking adventure in every moment.

I’ve found my groove as a freelance copywriter and virtual CMO, leaning into my previous career in sales and marketing. In this way, I live a life of adventure on terms of my own making.

It’s a kind of bootstrapped existence that puts time and experiences ahead of money and things. A minimalist philosophy in the subtle art of living adventurously.

If you’re still reading, hat off! You’re a true fan. I thank you. I hope that you can find the inspiration you seek to make a Really Big Bike Ride of your very own. Perhaps, my bike touring 101 is a good place to start.

For these wanting an armchair adventure, my recent motorcycle tour of India brought back fond memories of the place I now call home. It was a rip-roaring month from the mountains to the coast. It’s a long read, better put the kettle on…

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