In praise of… Gifting

Five weeks ago in a sleepy Greek town just outside Thessaloniki a guy gestured me over to his white van. “Wo kommst du?” Says he, holding out his hand to be shaken. England, says I, shaking the proffered mitt. “Have a coffee on me” he urged, driving off hurriedly. I step back to the pavement to find a neatly folded 20 euro note in my palm. Generous thinks I, very generous. 

Set against the context of the looming economic crisis and the yet be voted on referendum; this was a rare act of kindness made all the more poignant since a Greek bank will issue only 50 euro cash each day, causing long queues and minor inconvenience to account holders across the nation.

Obviously this was a very happy moment; as was the eating of the cake and icecream I purchased with the cash. If you have the chance sometime to give a little, do it, you’ll make someone’s day.