Coast To Coast Cycle 2008: Barrow In Furness To Whitby

mash up and district cycling club on the coast to coast cycle to whitby

Barrow-in-Furness to Whitby Coast to Coast Cycle

In autumn of 2008, Mash-Up and District Cycling Club took north to tackle the Coast to Coast Cycle. In this article, I share our coast to coast route with maps, places of interest and some excellent tea room recommendations. All the essentials for a successful coast to coast bike ride.

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Five Bikepacking Fails That Every Novice Makes

These bikepacking and cycle touring fails are more common than you’d think

In this article, I outline the five bikepacking fails that I’ve personally experienced during my early years as a novice cycle tourist

I’ve been riding bicycles loaded with luggage since the heady days before it was called bikepacking. When I were a lad, it was just called ‘bicycle touring‘.

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8 Ways To Plan A Bike Ride Route For A Summer Adventure

bike ride around devon

Plan a bike ride route this summer for an adventure in your local area

In my early days of cycling adventures, I rarely had time to plan a bike ride route properly. I’d sup a pint down the pub with Ade and he’d say the magic words; ‘I’ve found a nice hill over yonder.’

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot from Ade about how to plan a bike ride route. In this article, we’ll explore the basic principles to plan a bike ride for maximum enjoyment.

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How To Say Yes To Adventurous Rides Around The World

adventurous rides around the world

A maverick guide to adventurous rides

Over the years I’ve been invited on adventurous rides all over the world. I’m lucky to have friends that do interesting things with bicycles.

This is by no means a definitive guide to quitting your job and going on multi-month long-distance bike trips.

It is, however, a short story about how I quit my job (often) and said yes to adventurous rides around the world.

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Bike Touring 101: Cycle Touring Vs Bikepacking

bike touring in vietnam

A Chancers Guide To Successful Bike Touring Anywhere In The World (On Any Style Of Bicycle)

Over the years I’ve enjoyed bike touring in more than forty countries. In the beginning, I started small. Local bike tours were my bread and butter. Gradually, I learned enough about bike travel to take off on a solo unsupported around the world cycle touring adventure.

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Brooks B17 Saddle – The Best Bicycle Touring Saddle Ever Made?

Is the Brooks B17 the best bicycle touring saddle ever made?

The iconic Brooks B17 Saddle is a popular choice with long-distance bicycle tourists. I’ve used a Brooks B17 for more than a decade over thousands of kilometres. Here’s everything you need to know about buying the best bicycle touring saddle for your trip.

When I first started out bicycle touring I bought a second-hand Dawes Galaxy. Most Galaxies are fitted with a Brooks B17 saddle as standard. However, the classic leather bicycle saddle had been replaced.

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Bushcraft Courses In The UK And Europe

Explore the art of rewilding with these awesome bushcraft courses that will sharpen your wildcraft skills

Bushcraft courses are increasingly common in the UK and Europe. Since the dawn of time, we humans have found ways to keep nature at bay and to insulate ourselves from the cold chill of winter.

As we have seen in recent times, our life here on this planet is fragile. The fine balance of the living organism we call Earth is under threat.

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Small Scale Rewilding For Personal Transformation

Connect With Your True Nature Through Small Scale Rewilding

In this article, I explore the potentiality for personal transformation through small scale rewilding for humans, women and nature. I also share the arguments against rewilding and the rewilding lifestyle.

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Easy Cycling Routes From London For A Two-Wheeled Adventure

cycling routes from london header

Escape the city with these easy cycling routes from London

Since the early 2000’s I’ve explored the best cycling routes from London. I often found the city a little overwhelming. I just wanted to ride my bike through the clean air of green spaces.

There are a couple of simple rules that we follow when planning a cycle route from London for a fun and enjoyable bike ride.

Stick to B-roads, take the scenic route even if it’s longer, embrace the climbs, trust local intel, shoot for 60 mile /100 km per day on average, look for a natural feature such as a river or head for the coast.

These loose principles have seen us right over the years. They’ll help you to plan your own awesome cycling routes from London, around the UK and beyond.

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