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8 UK bike rides that will inspire you to plan your next cycling trip

Tackle these stunning UK bike rides to inspire your own cycling routes and see the best of the countryside

Since the early 2000’s we’ve cycled all over the country exploring the best bike rides the UK has to offer.

There are a couple of simple rules that we follow when planning a cycle route for a fun and enjoyable UK bike ride.

Stick to B roads, take the scenic route even if it’s longer, embrace the climbs, trust local intel, shoot for 60 mile /100 km per day average, look for a natural feature such as a river or head for the coast.

These loose principles have seen us right over the years. They’ll help you to plan your own awesome cycle routes for epic UK bike rides.

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end of the road at dunwich, the lost city

The Dunwich Dynamo; a night of beautiful madness

The Dunwich Dynamo, the dun run, the French might call it ‘the beautiful madness’. Whatever you call it, the dun-run is a whole lot of adventure packed in to a single night.

I’ve taken part in this iconic event three times; 2011, 2013 and 2014. In this article I’m sharing the account of each ride. My hope is that these short stories will inspire you to take part in the next Dun Run in 2021Continue reading